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Zhi Tea Infusion: Brown Sugar and Texas Pecan Rice Pudding

by evh on November 15, 2013


Brown Sugar and Texas Pecan Rice Pudding

I’ve said it before and I will say it again, I am a coffee kinda girl –– this whole parenting thing has led to me to seek out something stronger to jump start my mornings. It’s not that I don’t love tea, in fact, I adore tea and often times wish I drank it more. When choosing a tea, I turn to one of the best tea producers in Texas ––  Zhi Tea. Brewing up 100% organic and fair trade teas, Zhi Tea is a homegrown Austin, Texas company, servicing the community (and beyond) both locally and online. A few months ago during an online tea-chat event, with Citygram Austin Magazine and Zhi Tea, I won a sampling of their Raspberry Pecan Rooibos Tea which I had not yet tried so I was excited to bring these sweet little leaves of goodness home. A slight hint of raspberry surrounded with a nutty Texas pecan flavor makes this a lovely tea for those small moments you can find in your day to sit still. After I brewed a cup for myself, I opted to make something the whole family could enjoy  –– a Zhi Tea Raspberry Pecan Rooibos infused Brown Sugar and Texas Pecan Rice Pudding. Deeply brewed tea, is used for the base of the rice pudding, followed by notes of brown sugar and warm pecans –– ahhh … that minute of silence when the littles are eating something they fancy is a glorious one at times –– make the pudding ahead of time or serve it hot and fresh from the pot and give yourself … a little breathing space.


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