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Soup Peddler: To the Rescue

by evh on February 7, 2011

The Soup Peddler Moqueca Baiana Soup

Sometimes you have a surprise guest appear at your doorstep for dinner, sometimes you just want to have food on-hand ready for a midnight snack (okay, 10 p.m. in my case) and sometimes you simply just want a night off from cooking. Whatever the reason, it’s The Soup Peddler to the rescue. The Soup Peddler a.k.a. David Ansel wears a (well deserved) red and blue cape in his Twitter picture and he might very well be my new soup-er (sorry) hero. The Soup Peddler really makes dinner easy – order online and pick-up downtown or have it delivered right to your home or office doorstep for free. Yes, F-R-E-E. With affordable prices, no membership required and a variety of weekly, seasonal items to choose from including fresh soups, salads, pastas, desserts and other delectable goodies, one could really get used to this. Nothing is over seasoned and they even let you know which items can be frozen or are vegan so stock up, this is an Austin must! Couldn’t we all use a little hot soup to warm up right now anyway?

For decades the slogan “Keep Austin Weird” has been geared to support and promote local businesses. Here the local food scene and community is flourishing with a grassroots food movement bringing high-quality, local food back to the dinner table and now with The Soup Peddler one can no longer use the excuse “I don’t have time to cook”. This is an exciting time in our food culture for us to take back our dinner and bring it home by supporting local vendors and farmers when available. Why not start the “Keep (enter your city) Weird?”

Recently, we tried The Soup Peddler’s Moqueca Baiana and traditional Brazilian fish stew – loaded with flavors of fish, potatoes, garlic, cilantro, green and chipotle peppers, finished with a hint of lemon – my taste buds were rejoicing and so was I with my night off from cooking – I didn’t want it to end. Simply heat and serve the soup with a couple of slices of fresh Amity bread and you’ve got dinner.

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