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Tex-A-Sized: Local Savour Grilled Texas Toast

by evh on February 19, 2013

Local Savour Grilled Texas Toast

Local Savour Grilled Texas Toast

Upon moving here, I kept hearing about this thing called Texas toast. I mean, it seemed to be everywhere throughout the state on various menus but I was still was somewhat perplexed by it. What the heck is Texas toast? Why is it everywhere and what makes it so gosh darn good? Well … the short answer is –– thickly sliced bread. The longer answer is –– It’s not really a “toast” all of the time, instead it’s a basic bread sliced rather large (or Tex-a-sized) and generally served as a side dish to help slop up any remaining sauces or juices on your plate. Around town some serve it as an appetizer dripping with garlic butter while other places smother it in cheese and then toast it for a warm, gooey start to your meal. In this house, we serve Local Savour Grilled Texas Toast whenever necessary because let’s face it a thick slice of garlicky buttered bread is sometimes just necessary. Dish up this bread straight, grilled or dripping with garlic butter –– just be sure to slice it big for your own taste of good ole Texas toast.

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