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Roasted Maple Sriracha Broccoli

by evh January 28, 2016
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Roasted Maple Sriracha Broccoli ~ There are some days that it seems I am just surrounded by kids and they appear to be crawling out of the woodwork. I mean … they are everywhere. The house, the car, the yard and of course, at school when I am spending time on campus. Don’t get me wrong, […]

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Baked Sesame Zucchini Chips

by evh August 31, 2015
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Baked Sesame Zucchini Chips ~ A few years ago our garden was over flowing with zucchini. This was a good problem to have at first but then it took a turn for the worst when it seemed every meal for weeks had some form of those long greenies in them and we couldn’t give them […]

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Spice Up: Cajun Sweet Potato Chips

by evh September 17, 2014
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If you don’t know by now, I have a sweet spot for sweet potatoes and I eat them as much as I can during the season. Whether caked, gnocchi-ed or wedged –– I’ve never been known to turn one down. This week I grabbed some sweet potatoes not really knowing what exactly I wanted to […]

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The Fall In: Maple Sesame Miso Brussels Sprouts

by evh September 15, 2014
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Maple Sesame Miso Brussels Sprouts ~ Alright, alright, who’s ready to get this fall business started? We had a drizzly weekend and some cooler weather so I am *starting* to think thoughts of autumn. The farmers markets are just showing some signs as well – hooray for new produce! While there are still some inklings of […]

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Spicy Tofu Strips With Texas Ranch Sauce

by evh February 17, 2012
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Tofu doesn’t have to be difficult or a mystery food. A great thing about tofu is that it can easily take on many different shapes and flavors – because let’s face it tofu by itself can be pretty boring and fairly tasteless. Loaded with protein, iron and low in fat it can be a great […]

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Hatch Chili Pepper + Cherry Salsa

by evh August 2, 2011

Our first August in Texas we were inundated with “Hatch Chili Fever” and although I have spent some time (briefly) in New Mexico, where the chili peppers originate from,  I really didn’t know much about these elfin beauties (gasp!). It seemed the Hatch Peppers could be found everywhere during the month of August – from restaurants […]

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Black Bean + Grapefruit

by evh April 8, 2011
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I love to talk about food (if you haven’t noticed) and recently a friend and I got into a discussion about dried beans versus canned beans – important stuff, right?  I think we both agreed that no matter how long you soak black beans they still don’t have the same texture of high-quality canned black […]

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