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Dark Chocolate Orange Rum Balls

by evh December 23, 2016
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Dark Chocolate Orange Rum Balls ~ Holy balls of holiday goodness! We adults can all use a little fun and special treat around this time of year, amiright? Sure … we can decorate the sugar cookies like nobody’s business, and drink in the egg nog with the best of them but, I am talking a little […]

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Warm Apple Oatmeal Crumble

by evh November 3, 2016
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Warm Apple Oatmeal Crumble ~ You know I am crazy about apple season! Every year we make our way back to the midwest and go apple picking through the colorful foliage while snapping a ton of photos and eating crunchy apples along the way. This year, however, we weren’t able to make it back but […]

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Zucchini, Walnut + Ricotta Cheese Penne Pasta

by evh June 10, 2016
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Zucchini, Walnut + Ricotta Cheese Penne Pasta ~ It’s officially summer. School is out, the kids are home, and that means filling up the days with water-y fun and summer-y activities … so who has time to cook? I try not to turn my oven on as much as possible during these blistery hot days […]

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Greek Tomato Bites

by evh August 13, 2015
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Greek Tomato Bites ~ Whether you are still having poolside parties, or celebrating back-to-school days, these Greek Tomato Bites are a cool appetizer to serve at your next gathering. Scoop out all of the tomatoes and serve them alongside the greek salad for a more interactive dish or stuff them ahead of time for easy, […]

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Grilled Peach Salad with Tarragon Vinaigrette

by evh July 20, 2015
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Grilled Peach Salad with Tarragon Vinaigrette ~ We made it. We made it through summer. There were a few moments when I wasn’t so sure but, here we are with one week left and it’s time to scoop up our back-to-school supplies ~ woohoo! My kiddos are in a year round school-ish type of program […]

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Watermelon Martinis

by evh June 26, 2015
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Watermelon Martinis ~ We are not even a week into the official days of summer and I am ready for a break from the break –– anyone else? It was a whirlwind of a visit/vaycay this last week to Vermont and New York. Part of me felt like a twelve year old kid when I got […]

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Tzatziki Orzo Salad

by evh May 19, 2015
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Tzatziki Orzo Salad ~ Eventually all of this rain will stop and the sun will return. With the suns return comes the heat and ready or not … summer. We need to start thinking about cooler fare and things that we can bring to the poolside. This week I made this fresh and bright salad: […]

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Quinoa Kale Salad with Orange Poppy Seed Dressing

by evh January 30, 2015
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Quinoa Kale Salad with Orange Poppy Seed Dressing ~ Did you make a “get healthy” or a “stay healthy” New Year’s resolution and perhaps already broke it? Or have you found yourself recently hiding and picking through boxes of girls scout cookies? Who me? It’s ok, really, those cute girl scouts get us every year […]

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Double Chocolate Orange Biscotti

by evh December 23, 2014
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Double Chocolate Orange Biscotti ~ The combination of orange with chocolate has long been a favorite of mine, especially during the holiday season. Fresh seasonal oranges twirling around with not one but two types of chocolate –– what’s not to love? Sweet, tangy oranges blended with rich dark chocolate and white chocolate just oozes with […]

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Trail Mix Energy Bars

by evh September 19, 2014
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Guess who was back at Studio 512? Me! After a great segment with the lovely (and award winning) host Amanda Tatom about hiking some of the best nature trails around Austin, we went back to the studio to make these Trail Mix Energy Bars. Simple to make and very adaptable for your palate –– one can […]

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