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10 Delicious Spring Fever Recipes

by evh March 15, 2016
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10 Delicious Spring Fever Recipes ~ Spring is officially here in my book. The glorious Blue Bonnets are out, the weather is t-shirt perfect, and the kiddos are on spring break. Mix all that up with a little music festival (AKA SXSW) taking over our town this week and whew-wee we’ve surely got it going […]

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Carrot Slaw Lentil Salad

by evh April 17, 2015
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Carrot Slaw Lentil Salad ~ The great thing about this time of year, among many other wonderful things of course, is the food. It’s the time when dishes are transforming into lighter more swimsuit season (gah!) fare –– get ready it’s coming whether you’d like it or not. So, you need more salads and vegetable forward […]

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