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Peach Power Muffins

by evh May 3, 2016
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Peach Power Muffins ~ I can’t believe it’s here but, it is and I am thrilled about it. Peach season! Roadside stands and farmers markets are starting to pop with these juicy, golden spheres of natures candy. And when I found out years ago that peaches even grew in Texas I was doing a BIG happy […]

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Orange Oatmeal Scones with Almond Glaze

by evh January 26, 2015
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Orange Oatmeal Scones with Almond Glaze ~ There was a coffee shop that I used to frequent often on my way into work when I lived in Chicago, many years ago. It was the perfect place to stop along my morning journey,  for it had amazing house-roasted coffee and even better locally made pastries. There really […]

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Take It Easy: Chef Benjamin Baker’s Chilled Peach Soup

by evh July 31, 2014
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There’s a (growing) handful of restaurants around town that bring the farm-to-table experience into their dinning rooms by buying fresh, locally grown produce from various farmers to make their delightful seasonal menus. Out of that number of said restaurants, there is a small group that takes this idea one step further and actually grows food themselves […]

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Love Affair: Hot Buttered Peach Blintzes

by evh May 16, 2014
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Hot Buttered Peach Blintzes ~ I have had a long love affair with peaches. They are on top of my list for best foods to consume while stranded on a deserted island. They also happen to be just showing up at the farmers markets right now. Blintzes have also been one of those foods that […]

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February: At The Farmers Market

by evh February 5, 2014
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February may be the shortest month of the year but it’s perhaps the most passionate and Mother Nature knows all too well just what to do by giving us a bounty of love-ly beets at the Farmers Markets. Hues of luscious reds, rich deep purples and vibrant pinks mixed in with some golden orange tones […]

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January: At The Market

by evh January 14, 2014
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Oh Texas, you are so fickle this year, with your freezes, the occasional pouring rain and sprinklings of 80 degree weather — what’s a farmer to do? Or what’s a gardener to do? Cover, uncover and then cover the garden again between the raindrops and freezes, I guess. It’s citrus time here in Texas and […]

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November: At The Market

by evh November 14, 2013
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November is a curious month when it comes to Texas weather. Even though the days are shorter they can still reach 80 degree temperatures while nights can dip below freezing –– hello, Jack Frost. This also makes for interesting market days. Tomatoes (yes, tomatoes!), okra and a few summer melons and squash are mixed in […]

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Drunken Dinner Roll: Apple + Tequila Rolled Pork

by evh October 25, 2013
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You know that horrible feeling that you get when you realize there’s no chocolate in the house? GASP! How can this be?! AND no matter what time it is, you are willing to race out the door to go pick up more –– am I the only one that feels this way? It’s not that […]

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October: At The Market

by evh October 3, 2013
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Kale, Butternut Squash and Beet lovers unite at the Farmers Markets this month. In addition to glorious pumpkins, sweet bell and hot chile peppers, and sweet potatoes there is plenty to celebrate with the good bouts of rain that we’ve had (of course there’s always room for more) but we will take what we can […]

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September: At The Market

by evh September 5, 2013
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I heard a rumor that persimmons are on their way back into the markets in the next few weeks – yay! That being said, it officially means summer produce is making a Farmers Market grand exit as the wave of fall delights start to wash in. Sure, technically it IS STILL SUMMER (especially with the […]

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