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Bunnies Favorite: Easter Salad with Fried Eggs

by evh April 18, 2014
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I love fried eggs. They are really good on top of almost anything –– in fact, just yesterday, I had one on top of a hamburger (whoa!) for the first time and it just proved this “theory” of mine to be true. I must say though that there’s something magical about a fried egg oozing […]

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Broccoli, Carrot + Feta Cheese Whole Wheat Pasta

by evh March 7, 2011

  Stuff happens. Stuck in traffic (seriously!), caught in a lengthy conversation you just can’t seem to get out or just plain late leaving the office i.e. playground (well, for some of us anyway) AND you got a crowd of hungry zombies family members. It’s because of this everyone NEEDS a go-to pasta dish up […]

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Turkey Pot Pie

by evh February 2, 2011

One of my favorite things to make (if you don’t already know) is pie for dinner, not only because everyone in my house loves to eat pie but they enjoy saying “we are having pie for dinner” and it’s fairly easy to make. Once you have a few pies made you can keep them in […]

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