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Sweet & Savory: 30 Cast Iron Skillet Recipes

by evh on July 31, 2014


I love my cast iron skillets and I use them almost everyday. I love the solid sturdiness and feel of the pan as well as the versatility of taking it from the stovetop to the oven to the table –– they are kind of a big deal and almost celebrity-like in my kitchen. I adore the fact that many people feel the same way about their own skillets (and often times geek out about them with me), and that cast iron cooking is main stream, again. There is rich tradition in the seasoning of the skillet and many people have their own opinions about how it should be handled. Oil or no oil? Water or no water? Salt or no salt? To help you out here is a great explanation (and video) on how to keep your skillet well-seasoned and ready for the next meal:

Cast Iron Skillet Care via Hilah Cooking

AND here are 30 fantastically delicious Sweet & Savory Skillet Recipes to try.

First the Savory:


 Summer Squash, Leek & Goat Cheese Frittata

Parmesan Bread Pudding with Bacon, Kale, and Rosemary  via The Little Epicurean

Creamy Chipotle Sweet Potato & Quinoa Casserole via Mary Makes Dinner

Summer Skillet Lasagna via South Austin Foodie

Herb and Heirloom Tomato Frittata via Caramelized

Rustic Herb Skillet Stuffing via What’s Gaby Cooking

Turnip Gratin via The Pioneer Woman

Summer Squash Gratin with Salsa Verde  via Smitten Kitchen

Sweet Potato & Brussels Skillet  via Love and Lemons

Farmer’s Market Zucchini Gratin via Bakes in Slippers

Southwest Chicken and Rice Skillet via Casa de la Cargill

Green Chile Chard Baked Frittata with Farmhouse Cheddar  via Full and Content

Skillet Frittata via Quarter Life Crisis Cuisine

Chipotle Pork Chops with Gouda, Pears & Cranberries via The Food Goob

Jalapeño and Bacon Meatloaf via Yes, More Please!

Hatch Chile Breakfast Potatoes via Sweet Life

 Now the Sweet:Meyer_Lemon_Ricotta_Cake3

Meyer Lemon & Ricotta Cheese Skillet Cake

Hot Fudge Brown Butter Skillet Cookie via Butterlust

Rosemary-Roasted Peaches with Salted Caramel Sauce via EmilyC on Food52

Peach Dutch Baby Pancake with Cherry Compote via Epicurious

Bourbon Peach Cobbler via Gourmet Veggie Mama

Homemade Skillet Chocolate Chip Cookie via Bakes in Slippers

Skillet S’mores via The Lazy Mom’s Cooking Blog

Warm Strawberry Skillet Cake 

Pear Skillet Cake with Brandy Caramel Sauce via Butterlust

Cherry Chai Pecan Skillet Bread Pudding via The Lazy Mom’s Cooking Blog

Cajeta Dutch Baby Pancake

Pumpkin Pecan Skillet Cake with Salted Butterscotch Glaze via Recipe Girl

Banana Oatmeal Skillet Cake via House of Bakes

Skillet Chocolate Cake with Chocolate Icing via The Chef Next Door

Season-up and get cooking! 

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