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May: At The Market

by evh on May 7, 2012


May? Yes, May! I am not sure where the time has gone but we are in May. Spring is starting to end and the hot summer days filled with fresh sweet berries and corn are almost in full swing. May is a big grillin’ month at our house before we can’t take the heat any more and it’s back to the pool time so expect crisp and easy salads, BBQ and other lighter fare this month as I slowly make my way into the kitchen (or backyard) after my foot injury. Who knew you needed both feet to cook?

What to expect at the farmer’s market this month:

  • gorgeous strawberries
  • bodacious blackberries
  • sweet corn
  • delectable carrots
  • fennel-y fennel
  • art-tacious artichokes
  • blooming broccoli and cauliflower
  • fresh salad greens
  • crisp spring onions
  • flavorful green garlic and leeks
  • juicy grapefruit
  • aromatic cilantro
  • perky parsley
  • snappy asparagus
  • sweet tender peas
  • creamy new potatoes
  • scrumptious sweet potatoes
  • rad radishes
  • mango madness
  • peachy peaches
  • pleasureful plums
  • saporous summer squashes
  • greens beans
  • titillating tomatoes
  • cool cucumbers

Here Are a Few Recipe Ideas ~ Be sure to Visit the Local Savour Recipe Box for More!

Hot Buttered Peach Blintzes


Strawberry Basil Sangria


Roasted Garlic & Fresh Herb Goat Cheese Spread


Grandma’s Shortcake Biscuit Berry Delight

Grandma's Shortcake Berry Delight




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