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5 Tips for Farmers Market Shopping


Whether you are new to the farmers market shopping experience or a seasoned veteran there are a few things to remember before headed over to the local market besides just being prepared for the weather conditions.

1. Bring a Bag (or two) ~ Some of the larger farms offer plastic bags for your shopping convenience but it’s best to take a bag or two. I usually bring one for our fresh produce, jams, jellies, or honey and one for any meats, dairy goods, or eggs that I might bring home.

2. Bring Cash ~ and small bills if you are able. While some farmers are up to date with technology and can offer a credit card services not all of them do so and be sure to save a buck or two for the live music playing to show your support. Bonus with cash: sometimes you can negotiate a bit on price IF buying a large amount of items or in bulk.

3. Ask Questions ~ one of the beauties of buying direct from the farmer at the market is that you can ask questions (you can’t do that in a grocery store). Talk to them about their season, their products, and their cooking and storing tips. Remember they eat the food that they sell so they know it best.

4. Time it Right ~ if you are looking for something specific such as the season’s first peaches or corn, or fresh eggs, you should arrive early before they sell out. However, if you are looking for more deals, arrive close to closing time and you can try to negotiate with the farmer. Offer a fair price –– farming is HARD work –– but offer to pay to take more off their load back home and see #2.

5. Shop Often ~ make it a weekly or bi-weekly habit, bring the family, help build community, and support your local eco system to keep it healthy and vibrant.

Wanna know what’s in season? Check HERE before you go!

Happy Shopping!

November at the Market