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March: At The Market

by evh on March 7, 2013


I have certainly seen my share of celebrities over the years and I must admit the first time I saw Michael Jordan, Oprah and Sir Paul McCartney I was a bit … ok no, T-O-T-A-L-L-Y star-struck. Then it was seeing celebrity chefs from Wolfgang Puck to Jean-George Vongerichten to Julia Child and Jacques Pepin that thrilled me but now … hearing rumors about strawberries, artichokes and asparagus making an appearance at the markets alongside their farmer counterparts tickles my fancy in a way much like celebrity sightings did back in the day. Oh how times have changed! Are farmers and produce the new celebrities and rock-stars? Perhaps (or maybe just for me). Don’t worry I still geek out when I see/or hear things like Andrew Zimmern is following little ole me on Twitter (What?) — EEEEEEE! Signs of the new season are here with warmer days, a little rain and new produce trickling in –– Yee Haw for spring!

What to expect at the farmers market this month:

  • gorgeous strawberries
  • delectable carrots
  • fennel-y fennel
  • art-tatious artichokes
  • blooming broccoli and cauliflower
  • beet-y beets
  • fresh salad greens
  • crisp spring onions
  • flavorful green garlic and leeks
  • aromatic cilantro
  • perky parsley
  • crispy cabbage
  • snappy asparagus
  • sweet spinach
  • creamy new potatoes
  • scrumptious sweet potatoes
  • rad radishes
  • kool kale
  • pleasant pecans

Here Are a Few Recipe Ideas ~ Be sure to Visit the Local Savour Recipe Box for More!

Strawberry Cheese Cake Squares


Spinach Pesto & Bacon Pizza


Radish Butter Chicken




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