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Local Savour’s Favorite Things 2011

by evh on December 14, 2011

Just when you think it can’t get any better, the food and entrepreneurial scene here continues to delight and grow stronger every year. Over the course of 2011, I’ve had the privilege of meeting up with several new (and old) chefs, bakers, creators and vendors – learning more about the high quality and use of local vegetation to achieve many-a-great concoctions while getting to know them and taste some amazing products along the way. The Local Savour’s Favorite Things of 2011 consists of things I have enjoyed throughout the year that I think would make lovely local gifts for the foodie (or learning foodie) in your life and with only 10 shopping days left – It’s time to get your shop on!

Good Eats & Treats

Dai Due: Dai Due Serrano Salt & Sauce; Big things do come  in small jars and in this case it’s a BIG spicy kick! Add a little or a lot of heat to any pasta dish or toss with some grilled veggies both work great in these cases … but my favorite way to enjoy the Serrano Salt is dusted over hot, buttery popcorn  ~ perfection! These are both great kitchen staples to have on  hand.

Amity Ginger Bread Bagels: The thought of these just made  me happy so I had to try them. Master baker Barrie Cullinan creates these devine works of art with the perfect balance of ginger to spice to sweet ratio – a little piece of wintery heaven.

Native Texan Salsa: Mention the word salsa in this part of the country and you might need to pull up a chair (this could take awhile). There are a lot of opinons about the stuff and who’s doing what with it. I prefer to make my own salsa fresh but, hey, I can’t do it all, all of the time, right? Enter this big ole jar! Available in a variety of fun flavors and heat indexes this stuff rocks. I found this at Central Market and served it up with their new sweet potato tortilla chips – delish!

Valli’s Good Natured Nut Clusters: Ignore the fact that  these  little bad boys are dairy free, gluten free and vegan –  these  tasty morsels are the perfect thing to have on hand (especially during the holidays) for a healthy and protein rich snack sure to give you an energy boost to get you  through. Valli creates unique flavor combos such as Cashew Cayenne and Pecan, Cranberry & Orange as well as some great standbys like Almond, Coconut & Chocolate.

Objects of Confection – Sometimes just sticking to one thing (or two) and doing it really well is the best way to stay consistent and delicious – that’s just what Jessica Carter Forkner at Objects of Confection strives to do: Truffles and Cake Balls with simple and interesting flavor combinations sure to please anyone anyone on your holiday list.


Treaty Oak Platinum Rum: I must admit I am more of a vodka girl than a rum girl when it comes to drinking the hard stuff but … when I think of rum I don’t have a bad flash back to the early days (like some) instead I am reminded more of a laid back beach scene with the sound of the waves gently rolling in, time being a little bit slower and umbrella drinks containing, well, rum! Treaty Oak makes an outstanding rum right here in A-town – using only the finest Texas ingredients and smooth like puddin’ – great served in mixed drinks during the summer or straight up by the fire in the winter or try it with sparking pomegranate juice and a squeeze of lime – yum!  Look for a couple of Local Savour recipes coming soon.

Kitchen Wears

The Cupcake BarNot only known for their amazing one-of-a-kind style cupcakes (think pop-rocks) and fab party skills but the well-crafted, adorable cupcake aprons designed by Jesse Steele available in both “mom” and girls sizes really, take the, er, cupcake – love, love, love these … so cute!

Look & Smell Good

Fleegal Farms Botanical Organics: Locally made, well crafted, botanical, paraben free and high quality soaps, body sprays, lip balms, sunscreens, scrubs, creams, repellents and these handsome shave sets (pictured) created with the help of Austin potter J. Leonardo. My two favorite soaps right now – Texas Springs (SO fresh!) & the limited addition Pumpkin Spice (you’ll smell like pie – but in a good way, of course!)

Lip Glosserie Lip Balm: I love a good lip balm and these well-crafted, handmade, vegan balms in so many it’s-just-too-hard-to-choose “flavors” made the top of my list this year. Chocolate, key lime, gingersnap, champagne, lemonade, butter pecan, vanilla, mint – the list really goes on and for only 3 bucks a pop you can be sure to pick up a few for you and your friends – great stocking stuffers!

Read This
Hip Girl’s Guide to Homemaking: Whether you are just starting out and learning the ropes of homemaking or it’s old hat this book is a comprehensive guide to add a little flair to your lifestyle on any budget. The Austin-based author, Kate Payne, discusses ways to add special touches to your home while teaching the fine art of canning and preserving and how to be a domestic goddess or just hip! Available through Indie Bound, Barnes & Noble and Amazon OR for the perfect gift get it inscribed via here.

Happy Holidays from Local Savour!

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