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On A Boat: Hummus Stuffed Roasted Zucchini

by evh on August 1, 2013


Hummus Stuffed Roasted Zucchini

Hummus is a crowd-pleaser in this family and if your four-year-old loves it, I say, just go with it –– people seem to love hummus no matter where we end up taking it for the day –– poolside, park-side, porch-side, boat-side or any-side –– it’s a winner. Hummus is one of those staples, usually made fresh-to-order in our house but once in a while, especially when time is nil, I will buy a good locally-made hummus such as Zilks (love their Hatch Pepper one) or Grandma’s from The Mediterranean Chef –– both are deliciously fantastic time savers and could be used in this easy dish if needed. Generally speaking, the garbanzo bean concoction is whipped up and served either in a sandwich or with fresh veggies and crackers for dipping, but this time I decided to give our creamy little base a new twist in Hummus Stuffed Roasted Zucchini. Summer-fresh zucchini cut into little “boat” shapes stuffed with a tangy hummus and roasted with garlic-y bread crumbs parlays into a great addition to any hummus repertoire.

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