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Happy Mornings: Happy Hemp Blueberry Pancakes

by evh on June 4, 2013


 Happy Hemp Blueberry Pancakes

I think I could quite possibly eat pancakes for every meal of the day. Hot off the griddle, buttery, maple-y goodness, really … what’s not to love? Now with Texas blueberries in season, those little hot cakes just got even better. Fresh poppin’ blueberries surrounded by a warm and slightly nutty batter make up this delicious meal. But … since one can not live on pancakes alone (yes, sorry, but I think that could be bad for you), why not make your pancakes the best that they can possibly be? Happy Hemp Blueberry Pancakes are loaded with not only flavor but there’s healthy stuff tucked in there –– no, it’s not marijuana, it’s the super food of hemp seeds. Remember all of the good things about those little seeds? They are loaded with MORE protein than beef, fish or tofu and an excellent source of omega-3, fiber, calcium and iron. (Find out more about my love for Happy Hemp and the fabulous owner Tara Miko Grayless here or watch the video here.) In the meantime, grab some Texas blues and get happy with them.



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