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Fresh Pick: Local Savour Strawberry Balsamic Granita

by evh on April 13, 2012

Local Savour Strawberry Balsamic Granita

After a long afternoon filled with picking fun, baby goat feeding and horse petting at Sweet Berry Farm in Marble Falls, Texas, we are left with sun-kissed cheeks and a plethora of sweet, juicy strawberries.

What does one do with almost 18 pounds of fresh picked strawberries? Well, for starters I washed all of them really well and cut off the deep green tops. Then divided them into groups; one for jam making, one for a cake (recipe coming soon), one just for eating and one for freezing. Perhaps the most important group though, was the one set aside for Local Savour Strawberry Balsamic Granita. This adult snow cone (of sorts) has just the right amount of sweet to tang ratio to make you feel like you are eating something naughty but rest at ease it’s mostly just packed with fresh strawberries. Granita sounds fancy but it’s a simple and easy to make dessert (or palate cleanser, if you wanna be fancy) to have on hand for any visiting adults or just for yourself if you are not in a sharing mood. A trip to Sweet Berry Farm is a fantastic way to get the kids out learning more about where food comes from while getting your hands dirty and a must try while visiting? Their fresh strawberry lemonade – YUM! For now, we will enjoy our strawberry take during the upcoming hot days and look forward to the fall pumpkin harvest.

To visit Sweet Berry Farm go here for more information:

Sweet Berry Farm Marble Falls, TX


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