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Message of Hope in a Bottle: I Am Waters

by evh on February 25, 2014


I Am Waters shares physical & mental messages to those in need.

Everyone has a story about food and every food has a story. It could be a childhood memory of one’s first experience with fresh-out-of-the-oven bread, moms famous chocolate chip cookies or grandma’s warm apple pie –– food unites us all and it’s quite magical to watch someone’s face light up as they speak about those memories. The same is true for both drinks and cocktails around the world. You remember first taste of your dad’s beer or your first coffee shop experience of a hot and frothy cappuccino or that thirst quenching icy cold glass of water you had on a hot summer day. The act of sharing these memories and holding these memories is what brings people together and in some cases it’s motivation to get out and do good in the world.

When I heard the story about something so simple as a bottle of water bringing people together I just had to share:

It started years ago, as President & Founder of I Am Waters, Elena Davis was in a life predicament. Her family fell on hard times, her single mom was struggling just get a meal or a glass of water on one of those hot Texas summer days and they were homeless. This memory has stuck with her and helped catapult her new venture into fruition. It was during this hardship that she was discovered by a photographer and her life began to change for the better. The prestigious Ford Modeling agency signed with her, at 16 years old, thus beginning her successful career. She was able to travel the world, meet many influential people, help her family get back on it’s feet and start a family of her own. After the devastating loss of her father-in-law, in 2004, she began to question her life’s goals. She came back to her roots in Texas and faced her past homelessness with a new sense of purpose –– to give back and to bring hope to those in need by creating the non-profit I AM Waters Foundation.

“In a world where everyone, homeless or not, struggles with some form of incompleteness however large or small, I Am Water’s mission is to do one perfect and complete thing: to deliver water. Clean drinking water in a bottle with a message of hope, love and faith to remind the person holding and drinking from the bottle that something important lies beyond physical sight.”

Her bottles of inspiration and hope can be found at Whole Foods Markets throughout Texas with proceeds benefitting the I AM Waters Foundation and donations can be made online.

I get approached all of the time to cover many things, but in this case I reached out to Elena Davis personally to share her inspiring story so that maybe the next time when you are thinking about that icy cold glass of water on a hot summer day, or you are in the fancy water isle –– you choose a bottle that will not only quench your thirst but that will help someone in need while sharing and inspiring more great memories for all.


Drinking in some hope.


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