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Dreamy: Local Savour Vanilla Fig Custard

by evh on August 2, 2013


Local Savour Vanilla Fig Custard

If you have been following along with the Local Savour Instagram account you may have noticed that I have been doing a lot of searching, walking, wandering (sometime times aimlessly) and foraging in my neighborhood. During this process, I have been able to find many good things to cook with in addition to making a few new friends along the way. Last year, at a neighbor’s birthday party, we discovered a large fig tree in their front yard and at the time the little fruits weren’t ready for picking but I certainly took note. This year, with a large basket in-hand and my little “pickers” in tow, we headed back to the tree with the owners permission, of course –– thanks Lady J. The timing was perfect, about half of the tree was ripe, ready and loaded with figs and I was truly amazed as to just how many figs covered this one stunning tree. My boys were more than happy to “help” by climbing up the tree, carrying the overflowing bucket all the way home and finally eating our sweet rewards. I love fresh figs and the idea of them paired with something vanilla-y and extra creamy makes me kinda giddy –– Local Savour Vanilla Fig Custard brings it all together in one dish. Smooth, creamy vanilla custard with fresh sliced figs, a deliciously cool and easy treat on a hot August day.

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