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December: At The Market

by evh on December 7, 2011


If you haven’t experienced the sweet and tang of a Texas Rio Grapefruit, you really should! This years’ crop is proving to be A-M-A-Z-I-N-G with their colossal size, sweet juices and flavorful flesh these are a must this winter. No need to start the “grapefruit diet” (remember that?) just toss them into a salad, a spicy curry dish or eat them straight-up … and hey, you might just prevent a cold or that annoying scurvy outbreak from happening, aye matey.

What to expect at the farmer’s market this month:

  • outrageous oranges
  • sweet and tangy grapefruit – Texas Rios!
  • lemony lemons
  • lime-atious limes
  • lushy leeks
  • funny fennel
  • krunchy kale
  • poppy pumpkins
  • root-y radishes
  • wintry squash
  • beety beets
  • turn-it-up turnips
  • hot, hot, hot peppers
  • sweet peppers
  • teary onions
  • peppery baby arugula
  • fresh salad greens
  • buttery butternut squash
  • brussely brussels sprout
  • tangy radishes
  • toasty pecans
  • creamy sweet potatoes
  • herbaceous herbs – cilantro, parsley, rosemary
  • flavorful red potatoes
  • “I am what I am” spinach

Here Are a Few Recipe Ideas ~ Be sure to Visit the Local Savour Recipe Box for More!

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