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August: At the Market

by evh on August 5, 2013


August is a month of change. Summer vacation is nearing an end while the markets begin to show little hints of  autumn –– the juicy melons begin to dwindle away and butternut squashes and bright orange pumpkins start to make an appearance ––  reminding us that perhaps, just perhaps, fall and cooler weather really are on the way.

Enjoy the last few weeks before the kiddos head back to school (YAY!), the pool season nears to a close (yeah right, still 100 degrees in TX) and the autumn season begins to s-l-o-w-l-y roll in.

What to expect at the Farmer’s Markets this month:

  • gaga garlic
  • beautiful basil
  • figgy figs
  • jolly green beans
  • root-y turnips
  • versatile tomatoes
  • ambrosial zucchini
  • intriguing eggplant
  • crunchy carrots
  • outrageous okra
  • sensational cucumbers
  • hot, hot, hot peppers ~ serrano, jalapeno, padron, and habanero.
  • sweet peppers ~ red and yellow Italian, purple, yellow, and green bells
  • kurly kale
  • purple-icious purple hull peas
  • charming chard
  • pretty purslane
  • crunchy cabbage
  • beautiful beets
  • sumptuous watermelon
  • scrumptious melons
  • fresh salad greens
  • weepy onions
  • buttery butternut squash
  • popping pumpkins
  • crispy pears
  • creamy sweet and red potatoes
  • sweet potato greens

Here Are a Few Recipe Ideas ~ Be sure to Visit the Local Savour Recipe Box for More!

Texas Frittata


Texas Pesto & Mozzarella Stuffed Chicken


Butternut Squash Fritters


Texas Egg Salad Sandwich


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