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photo credit: Kijana Knight-Torres

photo credit: Kijana Knight-Torres

As a published cookbook author & recipe developer, food stylist, food photographer, expert taste-tester and sleep-deprived mom I often get: Frequently Asked Questions

How long have you been involved (and in love) with food?

It really started when I was around seven. My mother would have me set the table and often put me on salad duty for the night. My father would occasionally be found whipping up silver dollar pancakes on Saturday mornings and I was lucky enough to have several grandmothers that were not only great in the kitchen but in the garden as well. One taught me about composting and picking berries while another would let us ride the farm tractor while we waited for the okra, black beans, and grits to be ready. Over time I picked up several things (perhaps by osmosis) and then, when old enough, I discovered the restaurant world and loved it. To find out more about my background check my Bio Page or my Food52 interview.

The recipes on here look amazingly delicious. Are they all recipes that you’ve created? Am I able to use your recipes or reproduce them?

YES! Unless otherwise noted or stated as an “adaption of” or “inspired by” – there are many things that I come across that inspire me from fresh market produce to local flavors and my hope is to inspire others. I enjoy sharing recipes that I have created at home for my family and friends or during my catering and restaurant kitchen years. I would be happy (and flattered) if you want to cook one of my recipes but no, you may not use my content on your site. If you want to adapt, cook or create one of my recipes and blog about it you can either link back to my site without posting the recipe or you can make it and then call it an adaption.

These photos look good enough to eat. Are they all made or produced by you and/or the Local Savour team? Am I able to use your photos?

YES! I strive to capture a tasty food photo for each recipe created – I do believe the old adage that we eat with our eyes first. Please ask first if wanting to use any content or photos from Local Savour. I love food photography and have worked with several food stylists and photographers over the years – it’s harder than it looks that’s for sure. I prefer to use natural light and minimal props to keep the focus on the dishes.

Do your kids really like ALL of your recipes? Do they really eat everything you make?

Well, yes and no. Kids can be fickle –– especially youngsters. I will let you know the ones that they really like – they do like most of them. My eight year old has more sophisticated tastes than my five year old – but I’m working on him. I make them at least try everything once (except alcoholic items, of course) and if they like it great, if they don’t I try again and again until one day they reach the moment of: “Say, Say, I DO LIKE green eggs and ham.”

Do you accept samples and /or products for review or recipe ideas?

I will on occasion accept samples or products but that doesn’t mean I will write about them. If I do happen to enjoy your product (s) and I do decide to write about them or create a recipe with them after you sent them to me then I will give a full disclosure letting readers know that such product was submitted to me.

Do you review restaurants? Can I send you press kits or materials?

It’s not really my thing but I do love to try new places and see what local chefs are featuring on their menus – I will on occasion mention restaurant dishes or chefs that inspire me in the kitchen. I do enjoy and attend some media events if there is a right fit for it and it involves the food world, of course. You can always send me press materials or kits if they coincide with the type of food and recipes I do.

What is your policy about comments?

I LOVE your comments and encourage everyone to leave one along with your name so I can get to know you. Feel free to let me know if you’ve tried a recipe and I enjoy hearing about kiddos liking them too. I am truly thankful and appreciate all of you, my readers.

 A few quirky facts:

1. I am weird about onions and you will never see a raw onion on my sandwich although my tastebuds are starting to change and there are more onions “showing-up” to the table.

2. Many a stray or lost dogs have come home with me or found their way into our house.

3. Busting a move or two in the kitchen is a common occurrence – for now the kiddos think it’s fun but I am sure they will soon think it’s just embarrassing.

4. Accidentally, I have set a kitchen fire –– don’t worry no one was hurt, except a cutting board.

5. There are some days when I just don’t feel like cooking – yes, really.


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