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Shaken, Not Stirred, and Served Straight-Up


Let’s face it, I am a food geek. With over 20 years of restaurant experience, working with some of the finest chefs in North America, a background in restaurant public relations and owning a small catering company mixed with an extensive knowledge of food and wine, I am more than passionate about food.

Seriously, I think about food all of the time!

Living in the viable and local food-producing city of Austin, that strongly promotes local eating and producing is a natural springboard for Local Savour. Local Savour-ing is about sharing my personal quest to make and serve 80-100% locally grown food for each meal my family partakes in, mixed with a dash (or two) of humor and a sprinkle of kid-friendly cooking ideas and a few garden adventures.

I can usually be found dreaming about food, thinking about food and discussing food but when not doing these things I enjoy spending time with my family discovering new outdoorsy things to do in Texas and learning the art of saying y’all.

My food upbringing, my love for the kitchen, and my newest locavore adventure of starting a garden from seed to table has all led me to sharing The Local Savour with you.

Eat well my friends,

Elizabeth Van Huffel

Founder & Local Food Curator

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***DEDICATION: I’d like to dedicate this blog to my mom. She took me on at a very young age, when my diet only consisted of hot dogs, pb&j and mac-n-cheese. When she put me in charge of  “salad duty” and setting the table, little did she know then, just how influential she would be. Thanks mom!***