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photo credit: Kijana Knight-Torres

photo credit: Kijana Knight-Torres

Local Savour – uniting local tastes, bites, eats and flavors into a dish near you with seasonal, farmers market inspired, and family friendly recipes.

Having a passion for “food politics” and understanding more about where our food comes from, how it’s grown and produced, Local Savour is conscious that the grocery store is necessary at times ­– and in some regions of the world all year round – it’s about balance and working things into everyday life.

Local Savour provides you with information to help you navigate farmers’ markets, farm stands, restaurants, food providers, wineries, breweries & distilleries and the seasons while teaching and inspiring that local is and can be doable. Really, it can be we promise!

A quick and easy meal can still look amazing and taste grand while satisfying both you and your family – bringing a little flair and grace to your table without the all of the complicated (and timely) fuss.

The hopes of this blog are to encourage one to cook, eat local, and act local whenever possible for you and your family while bringing the conversation back to the dinner table.

Happy eating …

Grab your napkin, this is going to be a little saucy! No really … you’ll need a napkin with that. 

~The Local Savour

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