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10 Healthy + Easy Chicken Dinners

by evh on September 15, 2015

10 Healthy + Easy Chicken Dinners | LocalSavour.com

10 Healthy + Easy Chicken Dinners ~ Why? Because sometimes you need to mix-up your weeknight meal and try something different while staying on the healthy and easy track, right? Chicken is one of those things that can be made fairly fast and easily converted into a flavor-packed dinner. It’s very versatile, can be served in many forms –– from soups to sandwiches and everything in between. It can also be served on the bone, off the bone, pulled, chopped, and so much more. It really is an over all around crowd pleaser, especially in my house and in my book it never hurts to have a good chicken recipe or two in your back pocket for those, well … moments. Say no to boring chicken and try a few of these recipes:


Chicken, Kale + Apple Tacos ~ still a house favorite especially on Taco Tuesday.


Tex-Med Crockpot Chicken ~ this is one of those throw in the pot and let it do all of the work meals –– perfect for making ahead.

Honey Mustard Broccoli Chicken | LocalSavour.com

Honey Mustard Broccoli Chicken ~ serve this over rice or straight-up.

Country-Style Mushroom + Thyme Chicken | LocalSavour.com

Country-Style Mushroom + Thyme Chicken ~ there is a creaminess to this recipe but that makes this one better, right?

Chicken Naanini Sandwich | LocalSavour.com

Chicken Naanini Sandwiches ~ make a batch of shredded chicken and turn it into some flavor packed sammies for dinner. 


Healthy Chicken Gumbo ~best served this time of year –– loaded with okra and over brown rice.

Key Lime + Roasted Garlic Chicken | LocalSavour.com

Key Lime + Garlic Roasted Chicken ~ I love a roasted chicken and this one has a bit of zing and a lot of garlic-y goodness.


Kale + Jalapeño Chicken Bowls ~ hot kale-y deliciousness in one bowl.


Ginger Chicken + Snow Peas ~ serve with noodles or rice.

Maple Thyme Roasted Chicken | LocalSavour.com

Maple Thyme Roasted Chicken ~ tender chicken smothered with maple and thyme.

Happy Chicken Meals!

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